About Magnatune

Magnatune, We're Not Evil is a record label in which I've found lots of different music that I find enjoyable. Recently within the past year, i've had a Magnatune server specific to listening to this great music. You hear everything from Classical, Electronic, Rock, New Age, and more.

Information about the server

The Magnatune server I've had up since February 21, 2010. There has been some time it was not running due to technical issues, but what type of service is always going to be available? We're now on a server in which you have links to different types of players including Winamp, Real Player, Windows Media, and Apple Quicktime. I'm not too familiar with Quick Time, but if you use it, this provider I'm with allows you to use it.

Server status

Our server status will tell you whether we are online, how many listeners are on, and whats currently playing. This will help in the instance where you click on a listen link and either get a 401 server not found, or something similar depending on the player.

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