About Magnatune

Magnatune, We're Not Evil is a record label in which I've found lots of different music that I find enjoyable. Recently within the past year, i've had a Magnatune server specific to listening to this great music. You hear everything from Classical, Electronic, Rock, New Age, and more.

Information about the server

The Magnatune server I've had up since February 21, 2010. There has been some time it was not running due to technical issues, but what type of service is always going to be available? We're now on a server in which you have links to different types of players including Winamp, Real Player, Windows Media, and Apple Quicktime. I'm not too familiar with Quick Time, but if you use it, this provider I'm with allows you to use it.

Other artists

The name of the Magnatune server is changing to the Independant artist channel. Magnatune is the focus, but we're also going to play other independant artists coming from CD Baby Band Camp and others that might submit their music through The Mix's web site for airplay. We hope you'll enjoy this change! How to listen is still the same as it always has, just a new name.

How to listen

You can simply click on any of the following links to listen to the Magnatune server.

Listening by phone


You may now listen to the Magnatune server which includes other independant artists by telephone. Please call in the United States 605.475.1717 and we hope you enjoy! You may click or press enter on the logo for more info and sharing options.

What artists do you have?

Thats a great question. The Jared Rimer Network has a lot of artists. You can find a list on our Artists page where you can read about them and purchase their CD's directly. We want you to buy the CD's directly and subscribe to the payment plans they offer to keep the business going.

Magnatune does offer us the opportunity through licensing to send the music up to three of our friends. You can read more about that on their web site. If you like more than three tracks from a track, I suggest buying the CD, or if I send you one and you want more, to buy the CD's to help support the Magnatune project.

That completes this page. Please go home or go to our artists page.

Magnatune is a separate entity outside the Jared Rimer Network, and jaredrimer.net is doing this site for the love of the Magnatune music. If there is a broken link, please contact the network letting us know about the page's error. We will endeavor to fix the error. No portion of this web site should be copied without the consent of jaredrimer.net.