Magnatune artists

This is the place in which you will find a list of some of the artists the Jared Rimer Network has in its celection. If there is no link, Magnatune and that artist parted ways for whatever reason. In this case, if you like those CD's, as part of the Magnatune send to your friends program, we will send the CD's to you.

Due to the fact Magnatune releases on a regular basis, the Jared Rimer Network can't give you an entire list. You can always check out the full artist listing or the New Releases to see if something interests you. We will try to get this listing updated with what is missing and what isn't here, but time may not permit to do so.

If you find a link that has no CD's listed, please contact us so we can remove the link, and the above rule applies. We do have one artist whose name was changed, and is noted in their place.

The list is in alphabetical order. As of this writing, the list is one long list, but if we should change this, please contact the network and let your feedback be heard.

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Magnatune is a separate entity outside the Jared Rimer Network, and is doing this site for the love of the Magnatune music. If there is a broken link, please contact the network letting us know about the page's error. We will endeavor to fix the error. No portion of this web site should be copied without the consent of